Friday, February 9, 2007


From the early 1990's on, there has been a tremendous increase in the popularity of tattooing among the general public in North America and Europe, a trend that has since spread around the world. Anyone who has taken even the most cursory glance at the mainstream media during the past decade could quite easily come away with the impression that the current popular interest in tattoos and other forms of body modification, such as body piercing, has arisen out of a cultural void and that there is scant evidence to suggest where the roots of the resurgence might lie. In point of fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Tattoos have had a rich and colourful history in western popular culture for the better part of two centuries and nowhere is this better illustrated than by the rather extraordinary number of historical figures and modern day celebrities who, have sported or currently have body art.
Valentine gift ideas to help the unromantically inclined guy
WEST MILFORD — Have you ever forgotten that it’s Valentine’s Day? And you remember in the car, listening to the radio broadcasting “I love you” shout-outs to every Tom, Dick and Harry, or Tami, Denise and Sherry?You realize you are in deep, knowing that something is expected when you walk through the door.If you’re already driving up the driveway, you can always pretend you planned dinner at a local restaurant where the menu includes a sweetheart night with dinner specials and drinks.Florists and gift shops may be the obvious choice but they’re not the only places in West Milford that carry Valentine merchandise.If you want to get something, but your commitment level and bank balance are both on the low side, you can drop by your local gas station shop and pick up a silk flower or go to the dollar store for a card.How about something different this year?
Maybe a tattoo or yoga classes — both are available right in town.If you know she has been eyeing around for the right tattoo and you’ve expanded your budget, you can get her one at Eagle Tatoo in Bear Fort Shopping Center. Whether she wants a small heart or an elaborate piece of artwork, you can’t go wrong getting her what she likes.If you like to live dangerously, you can purchase a two-month gift certificate to Curves, which will give her a chance to try out all of their equipment and classes.If you just want to relax and still come off like you planned something special, you can sweep her off her feet with love stories and poetry from books. Or you can pick up candles and a warm lap blanket and have a cozy evening in front of the fireplace.If she’s born to be wild, Kosco Harley Davidson in Kinnelon has assortment of clothing and collectibles, even fine jewelry for the biker girl in her.Do you dare share your cigars? Try getting his and hers at the Towne Centre Smoke Shop and see if she gets into it.If you think she needs a little unwinding, pamper her with a massage or a day at the spa and watch her melt.And if you’ve screwed up and need something that makes a big splash, there’s always jewelry. As Marilyn Monroe said, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

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